Bob Ross <3

Oh Bob Ross, what a calming voice he has. You can tell that he just really loves art. I was assigned “Lake of the Valley.” and he has SO many quotes that I absolutely loved. It is so amazing to me that he can just easily relate live and painting to each other just by talking about colors.

He talks about dark and light colors and says that with darkness in our life comes lighter times, and that our lives cannot always be happy 24/7. He also says a quote that I have always used but didn’t know Ross said; “We don’t make mistakes, we just make happy little accidents.” and I loved that so much! Again, Ross relating life to painting.

Around the 20 minute mark, Ross starts talking about adults who are raising panthers until they are adults so they can teach kids about panthers! He starts telling a story about how he used to hear the Florida panthers at night before they were endangered. He then talks about how he works with animals and sets them free when he can. Bob Ross literally seems like one of the most genuine humans I have ever come across.

Here is the video!

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